Authentic Communication in the Workplace

The Secret to High Performance | taught by Kedren and Sarah of Work Wisdom

Course description

Authentic Communication in the Workplace is an online course which explores 20 concrete communication practices to build trust and enhance performance of teams.

Kedren and Sarah of Work Wisdom
Kedren and Sarah of Work Wisdom

Kedren Crosby and Sarah Colantonio work together with companies, universities and nonprofits to enhance results by embedding Authentic Communication in the workplace. For in depth bios on Kedren and Sarah, please visit our website

Course Curriculum

An Introduction to Authentic Communication
Introducing Authentic Communication in the Workplace FREE PREVIEW
Authentic Communication in the Workplace: A Comparison FREE PREVIEW
Links for the Introduction to Authentic Communication FREE PREVIEW
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Module 1: Mindful Communication
Lesson #1: The Parking Lot
Workshop the Parking Lot
Lesson #2 Congruence Audio
Workshop Congruence
Lesson #3 The Pause Principle Audio
Workshop the Pause Principle
Lesson #4: Mindful Listening Audio FREE PREVIEW
Workshop Mindful Listening
Lesson #5 Authentic Self Communication
Workshop Authentic Self-Communication
Links to Mindful Communication
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Module 2: Emotionally Intelligent Communication
Lesson #6 The One Word Check in/out Audio
Workshop Check-ins, Check-outs
Lesson #7: The Platinum Rule
Workshop The Platinum Rule
Optional Platinum Rule exercise
Lesson #8 Self Regulation Audio
Workshop Self-regulation
Lesson #9 Richness of Mediums
Workshop The Richness of Mediums
Lesson # 10 Empathy and Deep Perspective-Taking
Workshop Empathy
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Module 3: Psychologically Safe Communication
Lesson #11 Ground Rules Audio
Workshop Ground Rules
Lesson #12 Rough Draft
Workshop Rough Draft
Lesson #13 Silence Rule
Workshop Silence Rule
Lesson #14 Non-triangulation
Workshop Non-Triangulation
Lesson #15 Appreciative Communication
Workshop Appreciative Communication
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Module 4: Collaborative Communication
Lesson #16 Crucial Conversations
Workshop Crucial Conversations
Lesson #17 Conversational Turn-taking
Workshop Conversational Turn-taking
Lesson #18 Organizational Conversation
Workshop Organizational Conversation
Lesson #19 Authentic Persuasion
Workshop Authentic Persuasion
Lesson # 20 Know Your Conflict Style
Workshop Knowing Your Conflict Style
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Further reading
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